Unit VII Formal Graduate Level Research Paper

Unit VII Formal Graduate Level Research Paper 

Submit your final research paper during Unit VII including all components of it you worked on in the previous units. Be sure to carefully proofread your final copy prior to submission, keeping in mind the Success Center presentations and Citation Guide you learned about previously in the course. 

The research paper consists of a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page. The paper will consist of nine pages, including a title page and reference page.  

****The objective of the research paper is to conduct an analysis of an Emergency Operations Center at one level of government during a disaster. 

The paper will analyze, describe, and evaluate the following criteria: 

the specific type of disaster (natural or man-made), the affected area, and vulnerable populations within the demographic area

how media relations are conducted to disperse disaster information to the public

whether or not the emergency preparedness plan is effective for the hazard

evaluate the Interagency collaboration with the water sanitation hygiene cluster for Haiti and Logistics cluster for Haiti

 DISASTER: Haiti Earthquake of 2010

In the introduction identify a clear purpose statement. The purpose should state what you will evaluate in the paper. Identify that this is an evaluation of the activities of an activated emergency operations center and the three elements (posted above) that you are evaluating.

connect what you are writing to an interagency collaboration effort 

*Use this for APA format

See page 9 for a sample references page. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/media/pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf 

This unit you are going to submit your final research paper that you began framing in Unit I. Some of the best papers I see for this assignment are focused on the purpose with a clear introduction. Some students even use the three aspects that they evaluate as APA level headings to help organize their paper and demonstrate mastery of the course learning objectives and of the assignment instructions. I should have provided you in a feedback to be extremely successful in your accomplishment of this paper. Remember this research paper must be at least nine pages, seven of which are the body of your work. Do not submit a paper that does not meet the minimum requirements. Use all of your graduate level submissions to provide me every reason that you earn full credit.

Prior to submission of the research paper, carefully proofread the final copy for errors in grammar, punctuation, and APA Style. 

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