Unit Lesson Plan for a Math Teacher

This is Florida. I teach Math for 7th Graders. So the Unit could be about any content related to Number Sense, Algebra Thinking, Geometry, one of those 3 would be fine. See the Rubric attached, because It’s needed to be followed.

You have to make an assignment which is a Unit Lesson plan (for a math teacher) including several requisites and an essay.
Review existing curriculum in your content area and identify a unit you teach that could be modified to include the new technology tools introduced in this course and/or were part of your identified necessary resources in past assignments. This assignment will be submitted at the end of Module 6.

Formalize a teaching unit.

1. Document how your unit meets CCSS and other relevant standards for your state and curriculum.
Mathematics Standards – www.corestandards.org/Math/
Standards for Mathematical Practice – www.corestandards.org/Math/Practice/

2. The unit should consist of 3-5 days of lessons that address the following:
a. Unit title
b. Concept/topic
c. Unit goals/objectives
d. Required materials
e. Introduction/anticipatory set
f. Step-by-step procedures
g. Technology integration
h. Assessment
i. Adaptations and extensions

You have to provide 3 separate documents:
– Task 2 is the lessons plans that each should include all the letters a, b, c, etc. The writing is an essay separate from the lesson plans. You have 4 pages for this task (writer about 5 days).
– The first task should be included in the lesson plans. The writing should get more than 500 words so 2 pages with double space should be sufficient.
– Include a 500-750 word justification explaining the need for this technology in your classroom and the benefits your students would get from the unit. This justification should be written as though it will be shared with administrators, guardians, and other support staff.

You can find the info about new technology in the attached sources. The 5 technology tools I chose to always talk about in my assignments are:
4.Algebra Nation
5. Achieve 3000
Those are programs I use in the classroom and must be included on the lessons.

Not all of the resources need to be cited but the more the better.

APA is not required, but solid writing is expected.


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