U.S. History Boomers To Millennials

First one: There is no doubt that there has been much discussion about the US entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare. And according to the US Government Census Bureau there are some significant issues that will face America. In this increasingly data driven society, you are asked to analyze three graphs that I found and have attached.  You most certainly may find others–be sure to cite them if you do!   So while there is a bit of writing –minimum of two paragraphs–you will be using a more scientific approach to the information.


Review the graphs attached below.

What can be taken from the graphs that may shed light on what some of these significant issues might be.

Graph 1: The y axis is the total number of babies born between 1940 and 1970 (x axis)

Graph 2: Population of those 65 and older (y axis) over time (x axis 2012 – 2050)

Graph 3: Percentage of total US population of those 65 and older (y axis) over time (x axis 2012 – 2050)

Write a brief analysis / interpretation of the three graphs presented in the attached—minimum two paragraphs.The question to consider is what are the consequences to the US of the information presented in these graphs? minimum of 2 paragraphs (5 sentences each paragraph) I attached the graphs below

Second one:

The introduction to chapter (C. 31) argues that young Boomers were/are more inclined to pursue for a "meaningful philosophy of life," while young Millenials were/are more interested in being "well-off financially." Do you agree? What evidence from the chapter supports your position? What evidence from your own life can you offer to support your position?

I am 23yr old and please find a similar evidence when you write the own life question.  And I attached Generational Differences Chart and ppt below

Third one:

Tell a story of the life of a baby boomer in response to the information presented this week.  In other words, tell a story from a real live baby boomer first person perspective.


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