the influence of organizational culture conflict on the performance of enterprise in the early stage after M&A.

Preliminary Report
Our research question is the influence of organizational culture conflict on the performance of enterprise in the early stage after M&A.

You need set two or three objectives about this research question. And have a deep analysis about them, and in this research report you just use the secondary data to write, and you need to select one case to analysis. this case is about the merger and acquisition.

Details to be included in the report:
¥ A short executive summary highlighting what the report is about and the main issues that are raised by the report. The research question/objective that is selected to investigate in this preliminary report need to be spelled out.
¥ Background to the selected company/database. Why this specific company(s)/database(s) has been selected
¥ Presentation of key findings and interpretation of the results in relation to the study question/objective. Include theoretical and empirical evidence to support the arguments that are made.
¥ Explain how the research informs the theory/practice/policy that is considered in the proposal. The explanation given should be derived from the analysis conducted in the sections of the report but should be in relation to the academic literature on theory and evidence on factors relevant to this case and in the context of the background information provided in the proposal.

The Structure of an Preliminary Report:
1. Outline of the research problem (125 words)
? What is/are the research objective(s)/question(s) – what are you trying to find out?
? Research methods (What data is being used and how this data helps to answer research questions)
2. Critical reflection on research based on secondary data (250 words)
? What are the strengths/weaknesses of secondary data in research (as opposed to primary data)?
? A description of the data source, nature of data, sample etc.
3. Data Analysis (1000-1250 words)
? Explain the data analysis strategy – What would you do to your data?
? Provide an analytical framework to guide the data analysis (perhaps from the proposal)
? Analyse data and present findings
4. Critical discussion of findings (750-1000 words)
? Discuss your findings in light of the literature review
? Discuss the implications for the following groups:
Practising managers
Academic – implications for research and teaching
5. Concluding statement (125 words)


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