S.A.R.A Project

Intro. To Law Enforcement
S.A.R.A. Model Assignment
Based on the following scenario and what you have learned in class regarding the S.A.R.A. Model, prepare a comprehensive step-by-step overview of how the S.A.R.A. model could be applied to this scenario. Your methods utilized to address the incidents may incorporate any policing operation/philosophy/tool that we have discussed in class, to include: community policing and problem solving, predictive policing and statistics such as crime mapping, crime prevention techniques, the CHEERS Test, the Complete Problem Solving Triangle and various patrol strategies.
You are expected to be creative and will be required to hypothesize the results/outcomes to complete the response and assessment sections. Be sure to discuss how you would measure the results of your efforts (numbers of calls for service, numbers of arrests, etc.).
Be sure to address each step thoroughly. Your project must be typed, double-spaced, in essay format, with 1” margins.
**There is a 3-page minimum (no maximum) for this assignment – the project will be graded on the totality of information provided, an understanding of the model and its application, and the thoroughness of the step completions.
You should begin with an introduction of crime hot spots, what a crime hot spot is, and how this scenario provides qualifications for hot spot policing. The rest of the paper should be broken down by each step of the S.A.R.A. process. Use headings for each S.A.R.A. step. Incorporate class material and your findings from your literature review to justify your tactics for addressing this problem.
For the Response and Assessment sections, it is expected that you hypothesize your results and indicate how you would respond to any issues that failed to be resolved. As always, be sure to cite all sources within the text using APA format and include a reference page (not included in the page count).

The Ashford County Police Department has been experiencing recurring burglaries during the hours of 9:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday-Friday in the High Street Apartment Complex close to a local high school. Approximately 30 calls for service have been received from renters in the complex reporting burglaries and filing police reports for the last two months. Electronics equipment and prescription drugs appear to be common items stolen.
The apartment complex is very old and sits in an urban area where people move in and out frequently and there is a high level of fear among the residents. The apartment complex is organized in a layout that creates a maze-like design with narrow walkways and one-way streets that make it difficult for responding patrol officers to address the problems effectively when they arrive on a call for service in their patrol cars. Many of the buildings appear worn down, several doors are missing the proper locks, many windows are cracked or broken and are covered in plastic, and bushes in many areas are overgrown and obscure the sidewalks. There is a lack of proper lighting and a large commercial trash bin is blocking the “private property – tenants only” sign that marks the entrance to the property.
Residents have also reported that a park that sits next to the apartment complex has been encountering problems with juvenile gangs that have been hanging out after school and into the evening. Lighting at the park is poor and there are no signs to indicate when the park is open or closed and that the park sits on private property. Property in the park has been vandalized resulting in broken windows, graffiti, and littered beer bottles and drug paraphernalia.
There are also anonymous reports to police that the nearby “Big J” convenience store has been giving alcohol to minors in return for electronics, that are then sold to a nearby pawn shop.
A county recreational soccer coach in the same area has contacted police to express concern that some of his players have been harassed by gang members on their way to practice at the nearby ball field. The gang members offered the players prescription drugs and the coach believes that some of the juveniles may have been armed.
Police believe that juvenile gang members from the High Street Complex are skipping school and may be the prime suspects. Increased patrols have been assigned to the area on the weekends and several summonses have been issued in response to some of the calls for service, but the problems continue.

Analyze this problem and provide a step-by-step S.A.R.A. response.


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