Project Management

Project Management Advantages and Disadvantages 
Read the following article below before writing your answers. (This article you’ll find attached). 
Vanlandingham, G. R., & Drake, E. K. (2012). Results first. Public Performance & Management Review, 35(3), 550–563. What does this article suggest are the advantages and disadvantages that you see in implementing a major project in your organization or an organization you might relate to?  
Part 2: Topic 2 DUE DATE: 24 Dec 2017          DUE TIME: 18:00Hrs GMT References:  
1.    Resch, M. (2011). Strategic project management transformation. Fort Lauderdale, FL: J. Ross Publishing. 
•    Chapter 8: “You Need To Know All the Costs To Accurately Determine The Benefits” 
•    Chapter 9: “Project Benefits – ROI Contributors and Value Enablers”  

2.    Vanlandingham, G. R., & Drake, E. K. (2012). Results first. Public Performance & Management Review, 35(3), 550–563. (Attached)  

Base your understanding of the use of the Weighted Attribute Scoring Approach to evaluate project solutions (just after …the heading Evaluating All Possible Outcomes to Determine the Best Project Solution-in the online version) of your Resch text. Referencing these project solutions and the analysis depicted in Table 9.3, Weighted Attribute Scoring Matrix, synthesize the analysis into a paper with your recommendation for the one project to be eliminated. The paper should include an individual evaluation section for each project then an overall comparison to validate your recommendation with logical deduction from your understanding of each project’s ability to address the attributes according to the weighted score. The final recommendation should identify and defend a final project to be eliminated.  You should also be using correct APA formatting for your in-text citations to justify your discussion and place references at the bottom of the paper. Avoid using quotations, you should paraphrase the material and use an in-text citation to give credit to the reference.  You should include at least different 3 reference sources (a scholarly peer reviewed type article, the PMBOK® Guide and PMI®, etc…) and include a minimum of 6 intext-citations.   The Team Assignment should be between 700 and 900 words of narrative (from the Executive Summary to the end of your Conclusion/Summary. 

All papers must include:  
● Cover page with the team project and date  
● Table of contents  
● Executive Summary (no abstracts) (4 to 6 sentences)  
● Introduction/background/discussion, (at your own discretion any headings you deem appropriate to organize your narrative)  
● Analysis/Recommendations (as appropriate for the Assignment)  
● Conclusion (5 to 9 sentences)    
Weighted Attribute Scoring Matrix Team Paper 

Points  Possible Points  Earned  Content    (55 pts)  

Response successfully answers the Assignment question(s); thoroughly uses the text and other literature. Includes a strong thesis statement, introduction and conclusion. The main points of the paper are developed clearly. All arguments are supported well (no errors in logic) using outside sources as assigned. 20points.  

Sources are primarily academic journals, with thoughtful use Web sources. References are applied substantively to the paper topic. Skillfully addresses counter-arguments and does not ignore data contradicting its claim. Refers to sources both in-text and in the reference page. 20points

Achievement of a well-synthesized paper using contributions from team participants to achieve a paper that resembles the collective talents of the group. (peer evaluation) 15  Analysis (30 pts)  

Response exhibits strong higher-order critical thinking and analysis (e.g., evaluation). Paper shows original thought. 10points

Analysis includes proper classifications, explanations, comparisons and inferences. 10points

Critical thinking includes appropriate judgments, conclusions and assessment based on evaluation and synthesis of information. 10points
Writing (20 pts)  

Grammatical skills are strong with typically less than one error per page. Correct use of  APA when assigned. 6points

Appropriate to the Assignment, fresh (interesting to read), accurate, (no far-fetched, unsupported comments), precise (say what you mean), and concise (not wordy). 8points

Project is in 12-point font. Narrative sections are double-spaced with a double space between. Project is free of serious errors; grammar, punctuation, and spelling help to clarify the meaning by following accepted conventions. 6points  

Total 105


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