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The critical thinking project/paper (about 2 to 2.5 single-spaced pages or 1200 to 1500 words) is worth 10 points (10 percent of the final grade), should be based exclusively on the assigned material of Topic 5, and should provide a thoughtful explanation of (1) what common motives and goals unite geopolitical Axis 1 countries, (2) what common motives and goals unite geopolitical Axis 2 countries, and (3) what contradictory motives and goals divide the two geopolitical axes. You should first skim/read through the following slides to identify clearly the parties at war in Palestine-Israel (slides 221-223, 285, 294, 319, 332, 335-337, 342-346), the parties at war in Iraq (slides 2-5, 7-26, 41-42, 79-90), the parties at war in Libya (slides 140-144, 149-151, 162-173, 333-334), the parties at war in Syria (slides 176-191 and 275-280, 342-346), and the parties at war in Yemen (slides 22, 172, 289-293, 299, 306, 328-329 ). The thoughtful explanation should somehow reflect the student’s ability to integrate multiple perspectives/ways of learning through scientific and historical perspectives (such as learning from objective facts and figures as in PowerPoint slides 3, 12, 52-54, 145, 219), learning through artistic and literary perspectives (such as learning from imaginary representations as in PowerPoint slides 2, 26-29, 94, 113, 166, 179, 188-1990, 267, 278, 280) and learning through ethical and behavioral perspectives (such as learning from irrational or immoral or emotional or moving social behaviors or situations as in PowerPoint slides 61-64, 157-161, 169, 193, 199, 276-277, 279, 301). To demonstrate some course-related ‘experiential learning’ (‘out-of-class-learning experience’), your paper should include a brief comparison of the Axis1-versus-Axis2 geopolitical explanation of major current issues in the news with other cultural, religious, sectarian, or other persuasive explanations you have personally encountered and documented either through your own ‘social media’ electronic communications with others worldwide or through your own face-to-face interaction with any identifiable/verifiable ISU or Terre Haute community group or individual. The paper must be formatted as a Microsoft Word file according to syllabus and blackboard guidelines and must be uploaded through the TurnItIn link. The paper is important and must be completed and submitted by the deadline to avoid 0 points, in addition to a grade penalty of 5 points. It should reflect independent and original writing and critical thinking and should be persuasive and well written


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