Policy Analysis and Development

Policy Analysis and Development


This assignment involves your analysis of a policy developed to address a social problem mass incarceration. The second part of the paper asks that you propose a policy alternative that would address the needs or gaps that the original policy does not meet. In selecting a policy, you can take any local, state, or federal policy and use any issue. It must be a public policy embodied in a law. As an example, if you are interested in domestic violence or human trafficking, search for specific laws that relate to these problems. They may relate to only one aspect, such as assisting victims or arresting perpetrators—you can analyze these laws and suggest changes to strengthen them. Be a little creative in your searches and a little flexible in the policy you choose. It is always


easier to start your career with a policy where there is easily accessible information.Papers should be six pages and use APA style. Points will be deducted for spelling and grammatical errors. Papers are due at the last class.


Problem Overview (15 points)


1. What is the history of this particular problem? When was it first identified? How has it


been viewed historically?

2. How have these perspectives changed and what might have caused these changes?


3. What is the present perspective on this problem?


4. What specific human rights are impacted by this problem?


Values and Interests (10 points)


1. Discuss the values and interests (economic, political, cultural) that have influenced the


perception of the problem.


2. How have these affected the responses?


3. What groups have been influential in the response to the problem?


Scope of the Problem (10 points)


1. How many are affected? What specific groups are impacted?


2. What are the effects of the problem?


3. What theories are used to describe the causes of the problem?


4. How has social work responded to the problem?


Policy Development (20 points)


1. What are the goals of the current policy with regard to this problem?


2. What specific changes do you suggest?


3. What gaps do you see in the current policy?


4. How does the present policy view eligibility? What benefits are offered? Are the benefits


sufficient to meet the needs?


Policy Alternative (30 points)


1. What are the outcomes to be expected if the proposal is accepted?


2. Are there any unintended consequences that might occur?


3. Are the values compatible with social work ethics and values?


4. Cost: Are additional funds needed for the proposal? Where will they come from/?


5. What groups do you need to engage to get your policy accepted?


6. Who do you anticipate opposing the policy?


Policy and Human Rights (15 points)


1. Specify the rights that are reflected in your policy.


2. Discuss how your changes support human rights.


3. Discuss how the changes relate to the SDG’s.


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