Philosophy Paper


For this paper I want you to select and research a topic in engineering that you think is amenable to ethical analysis. Then I want you to develop a moral argument in which you defend your position concerning the topic that you have selected.

In your paper I expect you to:

1) Briefly explain the engineering topic that you are examining.

2) Give an well-reasoned and persuasive moral argument in which you present and defend your own position. You may want to make use of the ethical theory that you researched in Paper 1 when developing this argument.

You should make use of at least 5 additional high-quality sources in writing this paper.

Also, keep in mind that this is an ethics course, so the core of your paper should be devoted to developing a moral argument in support of your position. I am not grading you based on your opinion, but on the reasoning and argumentation that you give in support of your opinion. The better and more persuasive your argument, the better your grade will be.


I will be grading this assignment according to four criteria. These criteria are:

1) Content- 50% of grade: This section of the grade will reflect the quality of your argumentation and the depth of your understanding of the material. The better your arguments and the more in depth your presentation of the material, the better your grade will be

2) Citation- 10% of grade: You MUST cite the text in your answers. If you say that Kant claims that Toad is best character to play in the levels that involve a lot of digging in Mario 2, show me where in the text he says this. You can choose to either just reference where in the text it appears or you can quote the portion of the text that is relevant to your answer (with page numbers of course). I encourage you to quote where it makes sense, but if you quote make sure to explain what that quotation means in your own words. And of course plagiarism results in a failure of the course.

3) Spelling and grammar- 20% of grade: Reading with a peper shitty spealling and grammer it not very 3nj0y4b13.

4) Structure and presentation- 20% of grade: Is the structure of your paper clear? Does the organization of the sentences and paragraphs make sense or does it look like you just threw a bunch of random comments together? Do your arguments and analysis make sense?

NOTE: Poor presentation (whether through bad writing, structure, or even formatting) can obscure the content of your work to the extent that in certain cases what you are trying to communicate is unintelligible to the reader. I should not have to read a sentence or a paragraph three or four times to understand it. As a writer it is your responsibility to communicate your ideas as effectively and clearly as possible. As the person reading and grading your assignment, it is not my responsibly to make an excessive effort to understand the meaning of what you are trying to communicate to me when you have not taken the time to articulate and present your work in a clear fashion.


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