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  • December 6th, 2016

Period Hair and Make-Up An Historical Icon: Design Plan

Assignment Remit
You will base your design plans on:
• An iconic historical character from the 1960’s wearing a beehive.

You are required to produce a design plan on the iconic historical character of your choosing. This research will eventually support your practical recreation and historically correct portrayal of your period character. Thorough research is essential using a wide range of visual and literary sources. You will need to consider the internal and external factors that your character influenced or was influenced by which helped to shape their style.
You need to contextualise your character within the fashions of the time, linking them wherever possible with any relevant information surrounding the era when they were most prominent.
Your model’s features must be taken into account when finalizing your designs.

Design plan elements to be considered, all of the below will be supported by your historical research:
• Hairstyles/postiche- sets/dress out
• Make-up styles and materials- face charts/tracing overlays/model characteristics and considerations.
• Products available then and now to best recreate the hair and make-up accurately.
• Price of materials.
• Millenary (hats/headwear)
• Fashion and adornment
• Fashion trends
• A4 Mood board (you can add texture and creativity to this)

Only Historical images can be used for your final practical recreation image. Images from films/TV/Theatre are not a suitable source of historical research. You can however contrast your research to images from media productions if you wish and reflect on their historical accuracy.
This must show historically correct details and reference pictures of your chosen period image. A full sized A4 colour print of your chosen image is a mandatory requirement of this assignment. You must also include visual references of the back of your chosen hairstyle.
Please note, as many of your research pictures may be portraits it may not be possible for you to find back of head reference pictures of your chosen image. In this case you may use a suitably styled reference picture that would complement your historical Icon/ image from a style, period and date perspective.


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