Ongoing Analysis and Reflection

The major purpose of this assignment is to begin to identify significant themes that are becoming evident in the implementation of your action research project and your data collection. The key is to begin to discover trends in your data without making premature decisions; however minor adjustments can be made next week. Action research provides correlative and data driven information that can be used to make positive changes in the teaching and learning environment (Buczynski & Hansen, 2014); Mills, 2014). Additionally, thinking about the key stakeholders and their role in your research is important as well. In summary, this assignment is a preliminary interpretation of the various data obtained thus far. Without committing to initial assumptions, you are to begin to identify the key patterns that are emerging.
To prepare for this assignment, view the Silva (2011) video, Action Research @ a Glance (for written transcript, click here). Next, construct your written assignment to meet the content and written communication expectations stated below.

Content Expectations

Video Reflection (2 Points): In at least one paragraph, reflect on the knowledge you gained or that was reinforced for you by watching the Silva (2011) video.
Research Question (2 Points): Analyze to what extent your research question(s) is still answerable or worth answering and how you might defend that your research question(s) is/are worth answering.
Data Collection (3 Points): Justify whether your data collection techniques will provide the kind of data you need to address your questions and whether you are effectively filtering out data that you do not need.

Research Questions
1. In what ways has the ‘hip’ culture and language influenced the quality of learning among schools?
2. How can tutors and scholars work together to improve the quality of learning? How can this interrelationship be generated without affecting the distinct roles of students and teachers within the classroom?
3. How can the learning environment be changed to incorporate changing paradigms including words, learning cultures, and assimilated cultures introduced by immigrants?
Data Collection Tool
1. Research
2. Observation
3. Questionaire
Why this tool? Justify its use in your study. How does it match with what you are attempting to find and to measure?
1. According to research, action research encompasses individuals working collectively and resourcefully to better enhance their techniques, strategies, working plans, and skills. However, action research should not be confused or termed as the process of learning how persons do certain activities, but rather, as research suggests, how such persons can improve the things they do.
2. On one hand, the tutors need to understand that they cannot force their students from using this language as they associate best with it. On the other hand, the students ought to realize the so-called hip language is not grammatically acceptable and that it should not be used for academic purposes. Therefore, the study will find a way to integrate the two without causing miscommunication or making the students lose interest in proper grammar.
3. The study will majorly involve students aged between thirteen years to twenty-two years, as they are the most affected by changes in educational trends. More so, these students are the same ones who are most affected by languages in the hip-culture and tend to introduce it in the learning environments from an early age and continue with it to their higher level institutions. Therefore, the study aims to see if any form of changes may positively influence the outcomes.


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