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Please, just answer the questions but make sure to provide all the answers in order to gain full credits.This work cannot have a delay, otherwise it will affect drastically my grade. Please take note of that. Than you.
Here is the assignment and instructions as well. Please make sure to do it on time. This is extremely important. Thank you! Assignment 6: Non-Parametrics Chi-Square Test of Association (Independence) A school system is concerned about the low graduation rate among their high school students. The superintendent assigned a task force to research possible reasons that could explain the low graduation rate. The task force decided to conduct a preliminary literature review about current graduation rate research. The literature review signaled that among several key factors that are related to completion of high school is the development and execution of a school guidance intervention plan. The task force decided to investigate if such is the case in the high school with the highest dropout rate in their district. The following data was collected: (7.5 points) Valenti High School Data Guidance Intervention Plan Students obtaining a high school diploma No Yes No 577 46 Yes 381 492 In order to run the chi-square test of association (aka, chi-square test of independence), open the file named: assign 6 prob 1 data.sav Under View > Value labels you can toggle between the variable category label (no, yes) or the dummy codes (numeric representation) for the category label (0 = no, 1 = yes) Make sure you review both the “Data view” and “Variable view” so you understand the variable types and other properties – and how the variables were created and entered. Go to Analyze > Descriptive statistics > Frequencies, and move the two variables to the “Variables” box, then click “ok” This gives you the frequencies and percents of each of the variables To run the chi-square of association test, go to Analyze > Descriptive statistics > Crosstabs, then move High School Diploma (HSD) to the “Row” box, and Guidance Intervention Plan (GIP) to the “Column” box Select “Statistics” then select the “Chi square” and “Phi and Cramer’s V” boxes Click “Continue” Select “Cells” then select “Observed” and “Expected” under “Counts” (“Round cell counts” is selected by default) Click “Continue” then “ok” You will use the output for questions 1-3. You were asked to analyze the data and present the findings in the upcoming school board meeting. Your report must include the following: 1. A short explanation about the • Chi-Square Test of Association • The Case Processing Summary table • Cross tabulation table • Chi-square Tests table • Clustered Bar Chart 2. Write down the value of the Pearson chi-square and its associated tail probability (p-value). Is it significant? (Use the Morgan text pp. 36-38, for the APA style writeup) 3. In terms of the experimental hypothesis, what has this test shown? Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test Following are the cumulative number of AIDS cases reported for Neptune County through December 31, 2008, broken down by ethnicity: (7.5 points) Ethnicity Actual Number of AIDS Cases White 751 Hispanic 225 African-American 100 Asian, Pacific Islander 36 Native American 5 Total = 1117 Ethnicity Percentage of total county population Expected cases by population 1 = White 51 570 2 = Hispanic 23 257 3 = African-American 4 45 4 = Asian, Pacific Islander 21 235 5 = Native American 1.0 10 Total = 100% Total = 1117 In order to run the chi-square goodness of fit test, open the file named: assign 6 prob 2 data.sav Under View > Value labels you can toggle between the variable category label (White, Hispanic, African American, Asian Pacific Islander, Native American) or the dummy codes (numeric representation) for the category label (1 = White, 2 = Hispanic, 3 = African American, 4 = Asian Pacific Islander, 5 = Native American). For this test, we want to compares the observed (actual) AIDS cases to the expected cases (frequencies, based on county population). Go to Analyze > Nonparametric tests > Chi square Move the AIDS variable to the “Test variable list” box Using the “Expected cases by population” numbers that correspond to each ethnic group in the table above, under “Expected values” select, “Values” then add the 5 population percentages that correspond with the frequency in the sample, using “Add” for each (570 > Add, 257 > Add, 45 > Add, 235 > Add, 10 > Add) Select “Descriptive” > Continue under “Options” Click “ok” You will use the output for questions 1-3. Perform a goodness-of-fit test to determine whether the make-up of AIDS cases follows the ethnicity of the general population of Neptune County. State the following: (7.5 points) 1. Null Hypothesis 2. Decision 3. Reason for the Decision 4. Does it appear that the pattern of AIDS cases in Neptune County corresponds to the distribution of ethnic groups in this county? Why or why not? 5. You are asked to report your findings along with recommendations for prioritizing interventions by ethnic group to the County Health Commission. Write a one paragraph handout summarizing the findings and your recommendations. Also include the results, in APA style (Use the Morgan text pp. 36-38, for the APA style writeup). Total Points Earned: /15 Points Possible


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