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  • December 11th, 2016

Museum Education Project Design

Please use either MoMA or Metropolitan Museum of Art as your subject. Design a museum education program and finish the paper in grand proposal format. Please cite at least 3 research/reading which provide a theoretical framework for the design.

1. Summary (1 page maximum)
Briefly explain the purpose of your program and the outcomes you hope to achieve.

2. Project Justification (4-5 pages)
¥ What do you propose to do?
¥ What is your rationale for implementing this program? What need, problem, or challenge will your program address?
¥ Who is your intended audience?
¥ What are the intended results of your program? (i.e. How will your audience benefit from participating?)
¥ How does this program complement the museum’s existing programs and contribute to the overall mission of the organization?
¥ What reading and/or research have informed your planning? (Do not simply make a list. Explain how they have informed your thinking and planning.)

Review Criteria:
¥ Is the project clearly explained?
¥ Is the need, problem, or challenge clearly identified and supported by relevant evidence?
¥ Are the people who will benefit from the project clearly identified and have they been involved in project planning?
¥ Are the intended results well formulated and achievable?
¥ Does the project address current needs of the museum and its overall mission?
¥ Are the proposed activities, technology and/or methodologies informed by appropriate theory and practice?

3. Project Work Plan (4-5 pages)
¥ What specific activities will you carry out? Describe your proposed program in detail.
¥ Who will plan, implement, and manage the project?
¥ When, where and how often will the program take place?
¥ What financial, personnel, and other resources will you need to carry out the activities? Include an itemized budget.
¥ Describe your plans for promoting and/or publicizing the program.
¥ Explain how you will make your program accessible to visitors with disabilities.
¥ Explain how you will evaluate your program to see if you have achieved your intended results.

Review Criteria:
¥ Is the proposed program innovative? Is it informed by appropriate theory and practice?
¥ Is the proposed program realistic and achievable?
¥ Are the time, personnel, and financial resources identified appropriate for the scope and scale of the project?
¥ Does the institution provide evidence of its capacity to carry out the project activities?
¥ Is a clear methodology described for evaluating the project’s success?


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