Milestone 2: MIS Topics 1 and 2

Milestone 2: MIS Topics 1 and 2
Mod5-Two mid adult men sitting in a electric power control room.jpgIn  your role as an employee at a medium-to-large aviation-related  business, it's time to drill down to the specifics for two of the  Management Information Systems you selected. As you perform research and  compose your data, remember that you are in a mid-to-upper level  management position and have significant decision-making influence with  your company.

Milestone 2 Deliverable
Before you begin working on Milestone 2, make sure that you go back and review the Research Project: Milestones Guide and Resources page.

Begin working on Milestone 2 by first resaving the corrected  Milestone 1 document as a new Milestone 2 working document. Rename the  corrected Milestone 1 file, changing the Milestone number in the  filename from "1" to "2."

Review the five Management Information System topics from the  list that you selected while working on the Milestone 1 assignment.  Conduct research and compose scholarly data on two of the topics.

The minimum number of full pages of double-spaced text in the Body of Text section that you are required to compose and submit in the Milestone 2 assignment is four.

The Title Page, Abstract, Conclusion, and Reference List pages are not considered part of the Body of Text section.

A minimum of two primary reference sources outside  of the course textbook are required to be cited and referenced in the  Milestone 2 assignment document submission.

As you do your research, keep up the Reference List page and make notes for the Conclusion page of your final draft document.

Use Turnitin to screen for citation and plagiarism issues; this submission does not go into the main repository.

The Milestone 2 Rubric will be used to grade your Milestone 2 assignment document submission.

Milestone 2 is due by the end of Module 5.

Research Project Discussion

Throughout the different stages of working on your Research Project  paper, use the Research Project Discussion to ask questions or share  information that may help your peers. This is mainly a peer-to-peer and  instructor-to-class forum. Side discussions are welcome but know that  all of the students in the course can review your posted data and  comments. Your instructor will check the posts to ensure that the  questions being asked are answered accurately or to clarify statements.


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