Marketing Group Writing

This is an group assignment of Marketing Principles, Trading & Exchange. Our chosen company is Adidas. And the relevant topic we chose to write about is Social Responsibility and Ethics, the lecture slides of this topic is attached (MPTE Lecture 8 201503.ppt). the assignment also require to use textbook as a reference so please follow it. our textbook is Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice by Byron Sharp 2013 published by Oxford University Press in South Melbourne. Here is a website of the textbook’s information: http://trove.nla.gov.au/work/168142880?selectedversion=NBD49557526. Also, we want the assignment to be written based on this article as one of the references: http://www.footasylum.com/adidas-invests-in-ethical-image/. So here are already 3 references that is needed to be used, textbook, lecture slides, and the website article. you may use other resources as other references, minimum 7 references, Thanks.

the following are the instructions of the assignment:

Assignment 2- Group assignment due no later than week 11
(5 marks for the oral presentation and 15 marks for the written assignment.)

Total words for written assignment: 1000 words maximum plus references.
Your company must be chosen from the first half of the alphabet ie the company
name should start from A-L.

Please seek approval for your chosen company with your lecturer before proceeding
with work on this assignment. In case you choose a local South Australian company %u0432%u0402%u201C
the alphabet rule does not apply. You still need to get your lecturer%u0432%u0402%u2122s approval before
proceeding to start work on it.

The objective of this assignment is to relate an issue facing a real company with the principles and
topics covered in the text and lecture in order to explore the differences and similarities between real
world practice and theory.

It is advisable when choosing the company to consider what issue you wish to investigate and make
sure there is some information available before you commit to that particular company.

Relevant issues can be any marketing activity the company is involved in. Some examples would be:
launching a new product, advertising, other communications like sponsorships or press releases,
strategic changes, distribution and marketing channels, response to competitor activities. Basically
any chapter we cover in the textbook and lecture are possible issues. The key criterion is that there is
some information available about the situation and the company%u0432%u0402%u2122s actions in regard to the issue. The issue does not have to be developing at the time of your assignment. It could have happened in the past, but information about the issue and the company%u0432%u0402%u2122s actions must be available.

A word of advice about choosing a company – Students may choose any company, but they
are advised to choose one, which has a reasonable amount of public information available.
Students are not to contact the company personally! Use the company%u0432%u0402%u2122s web pages,
annual reports, articles in the press, or visits (in the case of retailers/shops). Some students
may prefer to choose a company where they work or one that is owned by family or friends. In
this case, personal contact is allowed. Although there are many large companies with web
sites and annual reports, these are often vague and out of date. It is often easier to choose a
local company, which may be in the local news more often, or to consider a specific retailer,
which can be visited.

Example of issue and international company
Intel is getting ready to launch its new Skylake. You can read the press releases about the
development of Skylake and the marketing strategy on the Intel web site. You could relate this
to the parts of Chapter 12 where marketing strategy is discussed, or to Chapter 9, where pricing
is discussed.

Example of issue and local company
A new store is opening in Adelaide. There have been several articles and media releases about
it in the newspaper and online. Your group decide to make a site visit. You could relate this
event to segmentation (geographical location or type of person the merchandise is aimed at) or
the way news about the new store was communicated to the public.

Assignment Structure

Introduction %u0432%u0402%u201C 100 -150 words describing the company and the specific issue or marketing
activity to be examined without detail.

Detailed description of the marketing activity or issue %u0432%u0402%u201C 150 – 200 words describing the
activity or issue in detail.

Relevant text chapter and lecture %u0432%u0402%u201C 100 -150 words describing the part of the textbook (use
page numbers) that corresponds to this issue or activity. There may be several relevant parts of
the text and lecture, but choose only ONE that is most relevant. It is better to go into more
detail about one area than to describe many in a very shallow way.

Comparison between what the company is doing and the text/lecture – 300-400 words
comparing what the company did to what the text and theory consider to be appropriate. What
are the key differences? Why do you think there is a difference? In other words, what is the
company trying to achieve and what might be the reasons? Why the text is different?
Comment on the effectiveness of the company%u0432%u0402%u2122s actions- would following the text/lecture have
changed the outcome? In this section we want you to speculate based on what you observed
versus what you read or heard in the lecture. This section is not for more detailed description,
but should involve analysis and your ideas of why there are differences and what the outcome
of these differences might be.


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