Marketing final project

My ultimate goal upon graduating from the university is to become self-employed. Being my own boss has always been my ultimate goal in my life, a look at the current unemployment rate in the country has continuously agitated me to think about my own business. It is always my dire hope that I will have a successful venture in the future. For the past few years, I have been following stories of how small start-up firms have grown to become the most significant businesses in the world. The driving force in the world of business is that you don't need capital to start, but the idea is enough. It always has my belief that upon starting my business venture I will never seek any other form of employment. The overall purpose of this paper is to give a detailed plan about how I will maneuver in the business world in order to become one of the most successful businessmen.


Setting My Vision

I have learned many things about myself up until this point in my journey to becoming a leading horticultural producer and exporter. I developed this idea from the fact that this industry has enormously grown and fetches a fortune in the current market. Also, changes in the congressional bills in favor of both producers and exporters make the sector more appealing. First, I have learned that am a self-driven and always eager to know current trends in the market. I believe this passion has made a separation between other possible candidates who may have similar ambitions in life and me. I always have a dire pride being the horticulture Club coordinator at the university. Adversity has become one of my most strong quality as I aim for higher things that in the business world.

Besides having higher ambitions in life, I have always experienced several setbacks which are inevitable to individuals thinking in the same line. These drawbacks have not in any way derailed my ultimate goal. I see challenges as one of the career ladders that one must pass through to harden off in facing reality. Political temperatures, monetary fluctuations, Changes in the economy, social and technological factors, international market standards such euro gap and global gap have emerged as enormous challenges that are faced by individual thinking in this line of being their boss.

Research has found out that investor has to make hard issue concerning the political situation in a country; A country which has high political temperature is likely to have a low rate of investments because of uncertainty in the future. The economic aspect is very vital to an investor, at the times of recession; investor faces tough times which may foster them even to exit the market. Social factor also influences choice off investment that investor undertakes, for example in a society where the It is inhibited by Muslim, an investor cannot start a pork butchery since it is against their social norms. Finally, investors should be keen on the technological advancement to avoid them adopting an outdated technology.

My vision for this plan is simple; to make an impact in the business world and also to create job opportunities in the economy. What I have acquired during my school and a part-time job has given me the motivation to move forward, and I feel this is the right time that I should start giving back to the society. In the business world, the impact is only felt in the case of employment levels that are associated with a business and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) that are undertaken by the company.




Situational Analysis and SWOT Analysis

My Business degree has helped me gain a lot of insight on the business world; I have also volunteered in several horticultural producing firms across the country which has helped me in developing necessary agricultural and agronomical skills, the international market analysis which are vital aspects in this field. I have read agribusiness stories of how individuals have been able to succeed in their career ladder from grace to grace. The available market mix for this type of business is guided by the Porters 4ps which include; Product – in this case, my products will be all horticultural produce. Price- the industry, in this case, aims to offer cheaper goods to face off competitors for quicker penetration into the market, Place- the business will have a significant operating office in New York City and will have different outlets in the various state. Promotion- for the company to effectively penetrate the market, different promotion mix will be incorporated which includes, advertisement, sales promotion, and publicity. These sections also seek to explore the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that may face an individual in the process of trying to maximize their career goals.


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