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As a reader you will find that my report contains a summary of the arduous work and my journey in the COOP training at Holiday Inn Hotel in Yanbu, which operates under the famous Holiday Inn chain around the world. You will find me talking about the hotel vision and mission as well as the HR department where I trained as hr coordinator and how I contribute to solve the diversity conflict problem. At the end you will find me listing the weaknesses I have experienced, the knowledge and skills that improved in me.

Holiday Inn Yanbu is a branch of the famous American brand that is a subsidiary of InterContinental Hotels group. Yanbu's Holiday Inn was established in September 1981 by Hasan Abdulhadi Taher. The hotel vision is to positioning their name in the customer minds as the best 4-star hotels in Yanbu and around the world. Holiday Inn is looking forward to make a difference in the individuals lives they serve every day, by providing personalized service and a superior hospitality product and commit to the hotel strong moral system and actively participating in the community which is the hotel goal. Different services were offered to the customers besides the accommodation in rooms and suites which are the business services including equipped business conference and meeting rooms, health and fitness center with a fully-equipped gym and a trained fitness instructors.

Roles and Responsibilities

I was trained at HR department in Holiday Inn of Yanbu. This department is same as any HR department that concern about all procedure related to the workforce starting from attracting the employee till evaluating their performance. Also, the HR department is responsible to conduct the staff payroll and absence sheet, coordinating for employees' daily transportation. In addition, the HR is handling the staff relation issues in a confidential manner, including disciplinarians, grievance and capability. Using the (Oasys system), working on governmental and insurance websites (muqeem, GOSI and Bupa website) and organizing the employees files including their contracts are some of the tasks that I have performed as an HR coordinator. Also, I was responsible to collect letters from other departments which need the HR manager approval such as vacations, warning.

One of the requirement to complete the COOP training program is to make a contribution in the workplace that I have trained in. So, I chose to improve the diversity management in the hotel as a contribution in order to utilize and manage diversity effectively without difficulties and obstacles in communication between all employees. Diversity in the workplace means having people together from different ethnic backgrounds, religions and exchanging experience and knowledge. Sometimes diversity will also have bad impact on the workplace and make some misunderstand and conflict between employees. After my training weeks at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Yanbu, I observed there is a lot of communication problems between employees because of the high rate of diversity and having different nationalities at the work place, so from there I came up with the idea of the contribution.

Holiday Inn hotel is having a high rate of diversity in it staff. Multiple nationalities are working together under each department in the hotel. For example, the hotel has people coming different countries including India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Nepal, Philippines and more. As we know that having diversity in the work place may led to some problems that could affect the productivity at the hotel.

The addressed problem is lack of diversity management in the hotel which cause

Some barriers between the employees to work effectively.

At the hotel the employees don't know each other's cultures so, what is okay for the Philippine supervisor is prohibit for an Indian employee. In addition, there are employees that English is not their first langue, this also a barrier to communicate for those who speak only English. Furthermore, there is a hidden racism among the employees, for example the Egyptian workers do not respect the employees who are not from Egypt! Also, there is a lot of conflict between the employees and they have many complaints towards each other, and the complaints file may explode from the huge amount of papers!. They are busy in having disagreements rather than being busy in performing their jobs. Having such problems create a huge gap between the employees which will affect their productivity at the end.

The solution for all these problem is to have an effective diversity management to make a great use and positive impact on the Holiday Inn hotel. Having a process of organizing and controlling the diversity in the workplace is much better than acting randomly with all these people who are coming from different background. The diversity management aims to create an attractive environment that is suitable for all employees.

The suggested solution has many advantages can be gained, here are some of them:

· Enhancing the interpersonal communications among employees.

· Reducing the number of complaints

· Creating effective resolution of disputes.

· Increasing the fairness and equality in the workplace

· Increasing the employees' productivity

· Achieving the organization goals ( high profits, high production… )

literature Review
Diversity Management :

Historically, organizations have used four ways to integrate the workplace—equal employment opportunity legislation, affirmative action, valuing differences/awareness-based diversity training, and managing diversity efforts. Equal employment opportunity is a commitment not to discriminate in the workplace, based on various categories protected by law (e.g., race, sex, religion, disability, age). Affirmative action is first of all a federal regulation that places an obligation on public agencies and many other organizations that receive federal grants or contracts. Affirmative action has been highly controversial in the United States, and its effectiveness in creating a truly integrated workforce has been moderate.

Managing a culturally diverse workforce may include changes in various HRD and HRM programs and processes. HRD professionals must be able to adapt current socialization, orientation, and career development processes to the needs of the new workforce. Training programs need to address all forms of workplace harassment. HRM professionals should consider adapting other policies (e.g., benefits) in order to meet the needs of the current workforce, including such things as day-care services, flextime, interpreters, and multilingual supervisors.

According to Robin Kramar the concept of diversity management is understood in very different ways. There are different understandings of the nature of decent diversity. Diversity has been utilized to allude to simply singular individual attributes such as gender , race, family obligations and age, but it has been utilized all the more extensively to allude to an assortment of different contrasts and likenesses between individuals taking the necessary steps of associations and different partners. According to this broader view, measurements of diversity can allude to an extensive variety of individual attributes, including sexual introduction, physical and mental abilities, and also differences relating to functional and operational groups, the legally binding arrangements of partners of the association and the interests of an variety of external partners. (Kramar 2011). The nature of the processes used to manage diversity will depend on the dimensions identified by an organization.

Dealing with diversity workforce:

According to Patrick J. Highland improving managers have created specific projects to manage the work-force diversity issue. Some of these projects, known as "valuing differences programs," are prepare to the individual and relational level. The goal is to improve relational connections among employees and to limit impolite expressions of racism and sexism. Regularly these projects focus on the ways that men and women or individuals of various races or cultures have unique values, attitudes, behavior styles, and ways of thinking. These instructive sessions can be in one day to a few days. They usually concentrate on one or several of the following general objectives:

· Enhance awareness and acceptance of human various

· Enhance a greater understanding of the nature and dynamics of individual differences

· Helping members understand their own emotions and attitudes about people who are different from themselves

· Exploring how differences might be tapped as assets in the work environment

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