kirin case study

Guidelines for Case Assignment – Marketing Decision Making
Word count: 2500 words max, excluding bibliography and appendices (so, say, if you are somewhere between 2300 and 2500 words, the length is ideal. It doesn’t have to be precisely 2500 words or something)
• You do not need to use MeXL: You already have the output in the files.
• Please make use of references in your writing – they may be from academic sources, other media sources such as newspapers. You may also cite practical sources, such as an advertisement, or some CEO’s speech. In other words, you can cite/refer to almost anything as long as it is somehow relevant. Spice up your writing! Differentiate your product!
• You do not need to use all analysis output provided, e.g., multiple versions of the segmentation analysis is provided. Whenever you make such decisions, though, please provide insight into your thought processes (e.g., I chose this because… ? just like in the consulting company interviews).
• Analysis using MEXL has already been carried out for Segmentation, Positioning Analysis and Conjoint analysis. Results of these analyses are provided in the following folders: ‘Kirin Segmentation’ (Dendogram, Segmentation and discriminant analysis), ‘Kirin Positioning Analysis’ (positioning analysis using perceptual data) and ‘Kirin Conjoint Analysis’ (Conjoint analysis for the existing product, optimal product analysis and separate analyses for a number of modified optimal products). More details for each folder and corresponding analysis is provided below

the following are the questions of the case study.
Kirin Assignment Questions

1. Use the case scenario as well as the perceptual map to discuss Kirin’s situation and the marketing challenge(s) it faces. Use the perceptual map to analyse the positioning strategies of the different brands, and therefore, the competitive relationships.


2. Use the segmentation analysis output(s) to determine if the import beer market can be segmented in a useful way. Describe the segments that emerge from this analysis. Are any segments appropriate for Kirin to target? Critically discuss.

3. Using the conjoint analysis outputs try to identify a product you think will perform relatively better in this scenario. Discuss the product designs considered and outline the process you followed to identify your chosen product. Discuss whether this product should be marketed as a new brand or a brand extension.

4. Based on the case, your overall analysis and findings, what would your overall recommendation(s) be to Kirin’s management and why? In your discussion also address the question of whether it is worth to make use of a customer loyalty program to increase the customer base as well as customer lifetime value. Regarding the most important segment(s) you think they should target: Which types of communication media (i.e., digital media, broadcast media, in-store media and print media) will be more important and suitable for targeting the individuals in this/these segment(s) and why?


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