For the Case Study Paper, you will create a hypothetical case of a patient who is suffering from 2 psychological disorders and provide a detailed treatment plan highlighting the application of evidence-based interventions in the treatment of the disorders. In this case study, you are responsible for providing a detailed background of the patient, his or her symptoms, diagnoses, and a proposed session-by-session treatment plan. The Case Study Paper must follow current APA formatting, contain a title page and reference page, and consist of 10–12 pages. 


Your case study must consist of the following: 


Introduction: You will provide a brief introduction of the patient describing the context and symptoms that the patient is presenting. You will describe any physical or emotional symptoms and any relevant thoughts or feelings related to the symptoms. 


Clinical History: In this section, you will discuss the patient’s background history including information such as their family of origin, educational history, occupational history, family psychiatric history, patient psychiatric history (including any inpatient or outpatient therapy), drug and alcohol history, family and social relationships, life stressors, future goals, and present living arrangements. This section gives you the opportunity to paint the narrative of the patient’s life history that has led up to their current situation. It must build a case that results in his or her specific diagnoses noted in the following section. 


Diagnoses: In this section, you will briefly describe the patient’s diagnoses for both disorders based upon DSM-V criteria. You will explain how you reach these diagnoses based on how the patient’s symptoms fit the diagnostic criteria. 


Rationale: In this section, you will discuss the theoretical framework for the treatment of your patient. You will reference 2 journal articles that support your rationale for the specific treatment protocol along with the reference to the textbook. Further, you will discuss any overlapping symptoms between the 2 disorders and note how you will address them in your treatment protocol. You will also discuss the rationale for the number of sessions you will use in your treatment plan to treat the disorders based on the research literature recommendations. 


Treatment Protocol: In this section, you will provide a session-by-session outline describing the type of behavioral interventions you will use in each session. (Note: You do not have to write out dialogue for this section.) You must note the particular purpose or objective for each session and the specific intervention that is being used for that session. Further, provide an analysis or brief description of what you would do in that session. 


Discussion: In this section, you will briefly summarize the case and discuss how you addressed each of the 2 disorders in your treatment protocol. You will note any overlapping symptoms that were addressed and how that was accommodated. 


References: Reference page must be in current APA format. 




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