Human Resource Management

Answer 3 separate questions each in APA format with 2 references for each separate question, EACH QUESTION MUST BE 300-350 words each. ADDRESS ALL Questions and please provide quality work,


Questions 1:

  Use the web to research a recent or current proposal by the US Department of Labor (DOL) that you think would have a significant impact on the rights of employers. Start with the DOL’s own web site or one of many out there maintained by interested players such as ogletreedeakins.com or allbusiness.com. Briefly summarize the proposal and its impact, and discuss why you think it is potentially a positive or negative proposal from the employers’ perspective.  (ANSWER EVERYTHING)


Question 2:


Assume you are the Human Resource Director of a large multi-location manufacturing company. One of the older locations has much higher labor costs than the others and discussions have begun within the management team that the location should be closed and production shifted to one of the newer locations that has much lower labor costs. If the plant is closed hundreds of workers will lose their jobs. And the union at that plant has indicated its willingness to discuss options to reduce labor costs. What is your advice to management regarding the need to meet with the union to discuss plant closure? Are there laws or other factors that must be considered? (ANSWER EVERYTHING)


Question 3:

  Do an internet search to locate an example of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for your home state (provide the URL to the CBA or attach a copy of it to your post). Briefly discuss and summarize the CBA for your classmates. From an HR perspective, do you feel that the CBA is fair and reasonable? What role might an HR professional play in this specific situation?  (ANSWER EVERYTHING)

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