How brand advertising and celebrity endorsement influence consumer purchasing behavior

Identify a research question and illustrate how you would address this question using one of the research methods so far covered in this module. You should describe what execution of this method would involve and require, what kind of data you are likely to collect and how this will be analysed. You will also address the advantages this method or strategy offers compared to possible alternatives as well as difficulties, weaknesses and limitations. Your commentary is expected to be critical and reflective, rather than simply descriptive.

Some helpful hints:
If you decide to focus on a more philosophical topic (e.g. research design, formulating
research questions, ethics) you should still address all the main issues of research design
mentioned in the guidelines, but in less detail than if you focus on a specific data collection
or analysis method.
Make sure you use research methods literature to support your critical analysis – this means reading widely and accessing a range of resources.
Do not use the assignment as an opportunity to talk about something you are interested in without actually showing (i) there is a research problem, and (ii) your method would be appropriate to investigate that problem.

Lecture slides would also be uploaded, please make use of the lecture slides and pick the methods from there.

This is a research method report, it will be using qualitative research method. The requirements and guidelines are as follows, please kindly be noted that it is important to follow all guidelines:

Firstly, the outline should be following this format:
1. Introduction
2. Research question (you probably will not have hypotheses because you will be using an inductive method)
3. Data colection technique (including a brief discussion of the sample and the technique used): ethnographic methods (e.g. participant observation), interviews, focus groups, recordings of of naturalistic speech
4. Ethical considerations (if relevant)
5. Method for data analysis (ethnogrpahic analysis, thematic analysis, conversation analysis)
6. Conclusion

Secondly, as there will be involving interviews/ focus groups in this research report, please take university students as the target group under any circumstances. I personally think that focus group would be more suitable on this research topic.

Lastly, this is a UK based university research essay. Please make use of UK writing format and the research approach/ data collection (especially the interview part with university students)shall be mostly based in UK.

*You can adjust the number of references if more references are needed.


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