History Coursework

4 Questions contains half the answer please finish answering each question or answer all 4 questions without my graded answers up to you
1.Question (answer got half right so elabrate add to answer) (grade 0.50 out of 1.00)Discuss how "gold, God, and greed" played a role in the conquest of the New World.

In the conquest of the new world Columbus set out to find gold. HE also planned on making the Aztec people his slaves and converting them to christians. His greed over came him and he didn't believe the people didn't have gold so he tourchered the Aztec people and even killed some. One of the leaders escaped later on and came back with his army and attacked. He believed that everyone should believe in his God and his greed blinded him from the truth. He spread disease and killed many Aztecs.At first he failed to see all that was right in front of him.
2.Q? Answer grade 0.65 out of 1.00
Discuss the following three empires: Ottoman, Saffavid, and Mughal. How did they stay in power? What role did religion play in their societies? What were their long-term legacies?

These three emperors divided up the Islamic world. 

Ottoman was identified as a multi ethnic character. They were a frontier state and known for being unusually successful. Osman and his followers all tried and there goal they sought after was to be ghazi. Ghazi is a muslim religious warrior.

Saffavid of Persia was the center and shitte Islam. Sa favor changed changed the story when circumstances warranted.

Mugal predominantly Indian subcontinent. The empires were powerful and durable ended muslim disunity.They all grew, they had created an elevate administration and military institutions. They captured Constantinople. Mehmet presented himself as a warrior sultan the one true ruler of two lands and two seas. He made the fonda tons for an absolute monarchy his army faced no serious rival. OTTOMAN EXPANSION BOTH SOUTHWEST ASIA AND EUROPE. Mugal treasury derived signification income

Mugal allowed creation of trade stations. Ottoman empire brought silk , carpets, ceramics, high quality crafts through trade.

3. Q? Answer 0.50 grade
Discuss the new ideas sweeping Europe in the period we have studied so far. Be sure to mention the Enlightenment, 19th century Liberalism, nationalism, socialism, and imperialism. How did these ideas impact Europe and the world? 

Liberian and national emerged from the French Revolution. Counter to liberalism was socialism. The natonal ism was the most power of all the isms. Socialism sought economic equality for all. They liked the idea of free press. Spain then France the England the idea spread of liberalism. They wanted a self govern government. 

Smith wanted free trade and that helped sparked change later on.Free trade kept the government out of business. They thought that every language and group should have there own nationalism. Now today that's where we get nationalism and patriotism.

4. Question (Answer grade 0.80)
How did religion and science shape European society and politics in the early modern period that we have studied? (Be sure to mention Protestant Reformation, Enlightenment, and Industrial Revolution).

Protestant reformation aime at changing the practicing and beliefs of Roman Catholic church. It began with ambitious rulers wanting to be able to extended there power at the expense of the church. Enlightenment even though science was looked a like studio God's creations it was also looked at like hieracy. Science Revolution and Enlightenment opened a window for independent thought, and the fields of mathematics, astronomy, physics, politics, economics, philosophy, and medicine were drastically updated and expanded. Their enthusiasm helped intellectual salons pop up all over Europe. They were tenacious and known for problem solving. The Industrial Revolution brought about manufacturers, wage laborers, businesses and they skyrocketed. This caused a chain reaction causing Economic transformation then a social transformation and populations grew and the demographic shifts. The made an act in 1802 to protect the workers. Religion helped shape politics but because of the protestant reformation they tried to break away from the church but still trying to hang on to some of there ideals. Then the scientific revolution or environment encouraged knowledge and tenacity. Which then encourage stimulation and growth and ideas and philosophies and how to protect your ideas. So of course all of these things effect Europe you can still see religion and science and a piece of history that continuesto mold Europeon society today


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