Given access to the same facts, how is it possible that there can be disagreement between experts in a discipline? Develop your answer with reference to two areas of knowledge

IB TOK essay. REQUIRES TOK ESSAY WRITER! My essay is the fifth question form this years topics. I’m analysing this question form the point of view of the natural and human sciences (my specific example for these two fields would be biology and psychology as I studied these subjects in my IB course). The essay should follow the following structe (as per my teachers suggestion)

Introduction (75-150 words)
Re-phrase/define the key concept(s) in your own words to introduce the main knowledge question, and links to AOKs/WOKs. Sign-post the arguments you will be discussing in your essay and introduce their implications

Main body – section 1
Develop the main knowledge question presented in the title as an argument, focusing on one AOK, and other relevant TOK concepts. Provide justification for the main argument, referring to real-life and examples from your learning.

Main body – section 2
Extend the main argument further by referring to another AOK, with relevant WOKs. Provide further justification for the main concept by referring to real-life examples from this second AOK.

Main body – section 3
Introduce a counter-claim to the main argument. Highlight relevant AOK/WOKs and other TOK terms, as well as specific real-life examples.

Main body – section 4
Either extend the main counter-claim further by referring to other AOK/WOKs, or introduce and justify another counter-claim, in the context of AOK/WOKs and real-life examples.

Main body – section 5
Discuss further the limitations and merits of each argument and counter-claim. Refer to implications in other areas and examples

Conclusion (200-300 words)
Summarise what you have said and re-state the main knowledge question and this affects your attainment of knowledge. End with a forward-looking view, referring for example to why you could not answer the question, or to what you would need to know to answer the question

Citations should be made in regards to examples made such as biological theories or psychological studies.


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