Finish Script: Page 3-4. WGA Format

Continue Script from the attached script below, pgs 1-2 below completed. complete pages 3 & 4.



You will be required to choose a specific idea and write two, 2-page scripts, and a rewritten scene in Writers Guild of America (WGA) properly formatted page form. Each one of the 3 writing assignments will have a dedicated purpose.


Write down the first 2 pages in proper WGA screenplay format for your film idea. It should include an opening image and the theme of your film clearly stated.


Your "Script: Pages 1–2" must be submitted in Discussion Board Forum 4 by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday and in a Word document by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.


Choose one of your classmates' scripts (posted in Discussion Board Forum 4) and rewrite the script based on changing 3 of the 5 following elements:

Changing the location from a public space to a private space or vice versa.

Note that this change should be reflected in dialogue and a character's actions, because characters speak differently using their internal voice and private spaces whereas in a more public space they may be reluctant to express themselves is freely.

Changing the gender of the lead character and in so doing the dialogue.

should be changed to reflect the voice of an opposing gender.

Changing the time period.

Note that this change affects the technology that surrounds the characters as well as the cultural norms of the day.


Change the genre of the movie. 

Rewrite the script from the supporting character's point of view so that he/she become the lead in the movie.

Looking back at feedback provided by your fellow students regarding your first 2 pages (image and theme) as well as a rewrite (or rewrites) provided by your fellow students, make changes in your first 2 pages and continue to write the next 2 pages which will now include the setup and the catalyst, or “knock at the door” for your character.


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