Final Self-Reflection

Final Self-Reflection


This assignment include a detailed self-reflection, and review of the activities and assignments completed over the entire fall 2018 semester. You must create a PowerPoint slide or other use other media to present your findings for assignment. 

1. List at least 3 things you learned about yourself in this class. This could be anything, such as, “I gained a better understanding of resources available to me…” Or “I learned that I need to rearrange the way I spend my time…” 

2. You will need to provide a description of your ideal job/Major. This description needs to be more detailed than “a businessman.” State the title of the occupation; what type of company you might work for; what types of things you would be responsible for; and any other details important to you. 

3. Incorporate the information gained from the assignments: 16Personality/O*Net assignment, scavenger hunt, guest speakers and informational interview to share information you learned about the job. 

4. Consider how your interests, values, skills, personality traits, and strengths shape the type of student you are.

5. Provide a description of at least one major that would either help prepare for future career or that would be necessary to achieve your personal goals. Again, be specific; don’t state that you need to major in business administration. Explain what you will learn by completing this major (and/or why you will need to learn this information). 

6. Also, consider whether you will need graduate study and/or additional training. If so, explain what type and how you can increase your chances of being accepted to graduate school. 

7. List two or more of at least three general education courses you can take that are related to your field. Explain how these courses are related to your field. 

8. Description of at least one activity (such as volunteer work, survival job, internship, etc.) not related to school coursework that could help you to get your ideal with your college and future goals. 

9. Reflect on how your families’ educational experiences/career choices or circumstances that influenced you in your choice to pursue a higher degree. 

10. Your conclusion should sum up what you have learned in this class and what you plan to do with this information. For instance, you might find that you are now even more interested in your major ; you might discover that you want to change your mind about your major or career; or you might discover that you need to complete more research. 


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