Final Paper

The  topic of the research paper is police use of force. Throughly review  Graham v. Connor and then explain and corralate that case regarding  police use of force to recent high profile incidents across the country  such as in Ferguson, MO; Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Charlotte, NC,  etc…

I  don't want a generic summary of the use of force model. I want to see  if you can apply it correctly according to the law when looking at an  incident where force was used. This  assignment is not a forum for what you personally think or feel the law  regarding police use of force should be and it is also not focused on  excessive use of force and/or police brutality. As  criminal justice university students I want you to know exactly what  the law reads and the standards that American police officers are held  to. In other words if you do your research properly you will know what  is reasonable force as opposed to force that is unreasonable or illegal.  Many people are very quick to react to an incident involving force,  often before any investigation is completed, and claim that the police  acted unreasonably, yet if you ask them to explain the use of force  model, as defined by the United States Supreme Court, they cannot even  begin to describe it. The police are legally authorized to use  reasonable force, including deadly force in certain situations. Are they  correct 100% of the time? Of course not…

By  the end of this class I am confident you will know 99% more about this  topic than the average American. Be sure to cite credible  reference sources while conducting your research…unfortunately the  Internet is filled with an enormous amount of misinformation these days  so double and triple check sources to verify your material.

Please use these research paper guidelines:


  1. 8-10 pages in length
  2. Size 12 Font, double spaced, Times New Roman Font
  3. The paper must conform to APA guidelines.

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