Essay About Health Care System In Turkey

7 pages double space 12 punto 

references must have 

all charts and graphs have added on paper must include the source

. Do not hand in a paper ( even a preliminary draft) that does not have a title. Try to make the title reflect the main question(s) that you will be discussing. 2. It is always wise to subdivide a paper into an Introduction, A BodyConsisting of Several Sections, and a Discussion or Conclusion section. 3. Every sentence and every paragraph should advance your narrative. Try to avoid repetitiousness. One way to do this is to organize by subtopics rather than by source.. If you organize by source, your paper will tend to be just a book or “article report.” 4. Citations: Every quote and every paraphrase of someone else’s work must have a citation. [It is better to have too many citations than too few.] Forms of citations: You can insert a superscript number and then have a footnote or an endnote in which the reference is shown. The first time you cite a work the note should include author’s name, date of publication, title of book or article “ ” followed by the journal name in italics, then the volume number and pages. If a book, you need to give place of publication and publisher. If you have already cited a work, in subsequent notes you can simply put the author’s last name and op. cit. if the article or book has been cited elsewhere in your paper. If it has been cited in the immediately preceding footnote you can simply write, Ibid. followed by the page numbers. An alternative, common now in Economics and the sciences: You can place within the text (Author’s last name, date of publication, and page # , if you refer to anything specific in the work cited.)…..  5. Regardless of the form of citation that you use, you must have a bibliography at the end of your paper with complete references to all materials cited and used. See American Economic Review articles for models. Alphabetize the bibliography by author’s last name. ……….all tables and charts that are taken from someone else’s work must have a complete source shown directly below the table.. 6. Be sure to number your pages even on preliminary drafts. 7. Please double space and use an 11 or 12 font.

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