Essay #5 Assignment

1 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon


Essay #5 Assignment

Introduction: For this essay, you will do a little research regarding one aspect of the topic of immigration. First, you will decide which narrower topic you would like to focus on and then state your topic as a question. Then you will find sources and compile a works cited list of five sources related to your topic, which you will narrow down to three. You will read these sources and create an annotated bibliography containing a full MLA citation and a summary of each article. Secondly, you will create an outline (below) using the 3 sources. Then, you will write up an essay for submission. Due Dates: __________—5 sources, and works cited list are due __________—Outline is due __________—Final draft is due Topic: Immigration Here are some subtopics on which to focus: (choose ONE subtopic and develop a question—see task 1 below). See the library databases “Issues and Controversies” or “Opposing Viewpoints” in context for some ideas on controversial issues and questions for a topic.

• Illegal immigration (DACA, Dream Act, Deportation) • Refugees • H-1B visa holders (visas for highly skilled foreign workers) • Temporary worker visas • the border wall • immigrants who are criminals • path to citizenship • requirements for a visa • visa lottery

Organization: This is an argumentative essay. In each paragraph, give one reason for your argument. Then, support the reason with evidence from your articles. Please organize your body paragraphs thoughtfully. Some suggestions might be the least important to the most important reason; from simplest to most complex idea. Requirements: For the outside sources: Find five articles from books, online, or the library databases: “Proquest,” “EBSCOHost MASTERfile Premier,” “CQ Researcher,” “Opposing Viewpoints,” or “Issues and Controversies.” You will use three of these sources in your final essay.



2 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon


For the works cited list: 1. On top of the page, centered, write the words "Works Cited." 2. You must list a total of 5 sources (see above for requirements). Use "easybib.com" to create your

citations, or if you’re using library database sources, the citation is included with the article. List your sources in alphabetical order by author's last name.

For the outline:

1. Avoid writing complete sentences, with the exception of thesis and topic sentences. 2. Write quotes / paraphrases you intend to use and notes on how you intend to integrate and explain

this evidence. For the essay

1. Your essay should be at least 800 words (between 2 ½ or 3 pages). 2. Use at least six references to the readings; two should be in the form of a paraphrase—remember,

this is a minimum! 3. Use proper MLA documentation to cite your sources. 4. Use at least 3 sources from your works cited list in your essay; in the final draft, just include the

three articles that you use in your essay. 5. Your essay must be five paragraphs: an introduction with thesis, three body paragraphs and a

conclusion. Use “sandwich” format for the body paragraphs–be sure that you properly introduce and analyze each quote / paraphrase!!


Essay Worksheet

Task 1: Research Question:

From your topic, develop a research question. See pgs. 398-402 in Rules for Writers for some guidance on this.



Task 2: Thesis Statement:

In your thesis statement, echo the wording of the question and then give your opinion and reasons why. Tentative thesis: _______________________________________________________________________







3 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon


Task 3: Brainstorming:

Instructions: Use the space below to brainstorm about the topic.










Task 4: Finding quotes / passages:

Instructions: Use the grid below to find quotes and passages from your sources. Use the right column to take notes on their significance.

Quote / Passage Source: Analysis / Notes










4 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon










Task 5: Paraphrasing

Instructions: Use the space below to convert two of the quotes into paraphrases.


Quote Paraphrase






5 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon


Task 6: Outlining: Now take your ideas from prewriting and organize them into the outline below.

I. Introduction:


Thesis Statement: ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________


II. Topic Sentence (Body paragraph 1): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________




III. Topic Sentence (Body paragraph 2): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________





IV. Topic Sentence (Body paragraph 3): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________







6 Essay #5 ESL 53C–Simon


V. Topic Sentence (Body paragraph 4): ___________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________




V. Conclusion


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