e-marketing assignment

Note: all coursework must be submitted electronically via Turnitin by the deadlines unless there are mitigating circumstances. Information on penalties and late submissions can be found at: http://www.dmu.ac.uk/dmu-students/the-student-gateway/academic-support-office/deferral-of-assessments.aspx

The Faculty is committed to a 20 working day turnaround time for the marking and return of coursework. The turnaround time does not include weekends, bank holidays or university closure days.

Websites Options

For the purpose of the module assessment, you are asked to select ONE firm from the table below.

Option 1

Option 2






Established in 1987, JC Sports is a Leicester based retailer of branded sportwear and pride themselves for ‘good customer service, great value and quality products’. At the present, they have an online presence through their website www.jcsportsdirect.com/


Boundary Mill Stores, founded in 1983, is a discount retailer of womenswear, menswear and homeware brands in the UK. The firm has five outlets across the UK and claims to offer a ‘huge choice and fantastic value’. Currently, Boundary Mill Stores has an online presence through their website http://boundarymill.co.uk/


The analysis of jc sports / boundary mill stores online presence is based on their current website. You are therefore required to take snapshots of their web pages immediately as the website may change in the near future. (To take snapshots, press PRTSC, then paste into a word document).

You should not contact jc sports / boundary mill stores or any of its agents.

Assessment Outline

The module assessment provides a platform for students to demonstrate their understanding and application of emarketing theory explored in the lectures, seminars and practical sessions. This will incorporate all the skills learned on the module and it is designed to reflect a real-life situation.

In the role of an Emarketing consultant employed by your chosen firm, you have been asked to analyse and critique their online presence in terms of customer web experience, online service quality, online customer engagement and social media networking.

This is an opportunity to look at how a well-established bricks and mortar firm can best take advantage of the Internet and put theory into practice.

Assessment: Max 2,000 words

Deadline: 18th December 2017

Your critique should include a detailed analysis of the firm’s online presence and emarketing activities focusing on:

· Web experience

· Online service quality

· Customer engagement

· Social Media Networking


The assignment is designed to mirror a real-life situation. The critique and analysis should be carried from a marketing perspective. You are required to apply theory into practice; make use of any models and frameworks examined in the module or through your own reading. However, you should not rewrite theories, describe models or quote extensively. The analysis needs to be coherent, with clear, logical explanation and reasoned commentary. High marks will be awarded for analysis, application of theory, commentary, evidence of reading and understanding of emarketing theory.

The assignment does not seek for a predetermined set of answers, but rather expect students to critically evaluate the online presence of one of the two firms outlined above from a marketing perspective. There is scope for investigation and your report can focus on a range of elements to address the assignment components.

Assessment: Report Structure

· The word count for the report is maximum 2,000 words excluding references and appendices. Please note that reports exceeding the word count may have their marks reduced.

· Each report should be in 12-point Times Roman or Arial, 1.5 line spacing. Clearly expressed points in English, careful punctuation and appropriate use of paragraphs will be appreciated, and will help improve your work.

· The assignment should be submitted in report format with content page, appropriate headings, referencing. Please state word count on cover page.

· While you are free to format and structure your report accordingly, it is expected to include:

· Title Page;

· Content List;

· Introduction;

· Main Body:

· Web experience

· Online service quality

· Customer engagement

· Social Media Networking

· Summary/concluding remarks;

· References and Appendices.

· The format of the report will be discussed further in class.

Assessment: Marking Criteria



Student Name:

Student P Number:

Mark Awarded



Report format



Word count


Appropriate use of appendices






Bare Pass


Very Good


Introduction (150-200 words)

A precise, brief introductory paragraph(s) stating the purpose, focus or context of the report; this should inform the reader what follows. Straight to the point.







Analysis and critique of their website and current E-Marketing (1500-1600 words)

The report should offer a critical evaluation of the firm’s emarketing activities and demonstrate sufficient depth and breadth in analysis and own commentary, application of well recognised emarketing frameworks. It should have relevance and points should be reasoned, discussed. The approach should be from an emarketing perspective.


· Web experience

To what extent has the report examined a range of elements impacting customers’ web experience? Are relevant frameworks applied well? Is the analysis solid, focused? Are examples of relevance?







· Online service quality

Demonstrate understanding of eservice quality. Use and apply a recognised eservice quality model. Are specific, relevant website aspects/features brought into the analysis?







· Customer engagement

Does the examination offer a concise analysis and insight into how the firm engages online with its customers? Are specific website features/activities/tactics presented to demonstrate good/bad practices of customer engagement?







· Social Media Networking

Has the report evaluated reasonably well the firm’s social media networking initiatives? Has the report achieved to demonstrate how and for what marketing aims the firm uses social media networking? Is the approach analytical?







Conclusion (150-200 words)

Does the conclusion offer a concise summary of concluding remarks emerging from the critique and analysis? Does it suggest which elements require immediate attention to enhance the firm’s online position?







Overall understanding and application of theory

To what extent has the report addressed the assignment brief and demonstrated understanding and application of relevant emarketing theory?








Evidence of background reading and appropriate use of references within text and reference list.







Note: Proposed word count for each section is indicative. However, total word count should not exceed 1,500 words excluding references and appendices.

Overall Feedback Comments:


Assessment Guidance and Support

To complete this assignment successfully, you will have to conduct your own analysis based on the secondary data available. You will be expected to make use of resources such as lecture notes, books, academic journals, industry reports etc with appropriate referencing.


A full list of references of all sources (whether academic or industry-based) must appear at the end of your assignment. Please follow Harvard referencing style. Sources must also be indicated clearly in the main text, as they arise. You must not copy material directly from any source word for word without acknowledgement, and neither must you paraphrase material from any source (academic or business) without acknowledgment. To do so is ‘plagiarism’, which is a serious academic offence. Very important: this report must be entirely your own work and no-one else’s.

Please consult the Academic Referencing Guide attached at the end of this assessment brief.


The appendices you include in the report should be relevant. Materials that appear in the appendices must be referred to and commented upon in the main text, otherwise they will not be counted towards your grade. Appendices should not be treated as an extension of the main report.


The teaching team will provide students help and support towards their assignment throughout this journey in every possible way. Lectures, seminars and practical sessions are designed to stimulate students thinking, equip students with a range of theoretical/analytical tools and examples of relevant case studies scenarios, all aligned with the assessment components. In particular, seminars have been specifically developed to provide practice with key tasks and to tackle any issues as they arise. All this reflects the importance attached to the assessed coursework, reflecting the practical nature of the subject, and linking theory with practice. The teaching team will also be reachable through email, blackboard, advice and feedback hours and classes.

Student Engagement

It is expected that students engage with the module and the assessment from the very beginning of the academic year. Past experience has shown that students who attend and prepare for classes, seminars and practical sessions have performed exceptionally well in their assignment.

The assessment elements are part of your learning experience. I hope you find this journey educational, stimulating and enjoyable.

On behalf of the teaching team

Enjoy the coursework and all the best!


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