Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

Part 3 (Final report)

This part of the project is due in this module, Module 6. 

In this part, you will report on the results of your research project. The report will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint presentation will explain your research and your results. The presentation should include key points of your research that include:

• An organization that made an effort to improve its diversity and inclusion within their workforce. 

• Identified diversity issue within the organization and the solution the organization chose, identified leaders of this change and how they approached the issue and solution.

• Description of the solution and its impact on the diversity within that organization, defined problems encountered and adjustments that were made.

• Recommendations for future efforts to solidify the change and continue the forward progress. Or, if applicable, make recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of current diversity efforts.

The Presentation

The presentation should be a minimum of 8-10 content slides including key points of your research AND 1-2 Works Cited slides. 

In your final report, you will not be asked to actually present your findings, but each slide of your PowerPoint presentation must be described. The text narrative/description of each slide should be written as if you were presenting it to the class – it should basically be a transcript of the presentation you would deliver if you were asked to present it to your peers. Before you submit your final report, please review the Presentation evaluation rubric (docx), your presentation will be evaluated based on it.

The narrative must be provided using the Notes function of Power Point. To access the Notes space that usually appears below PowerPoint presentation slides, click on View while your presentation is open, then select Notes. Another way of accessing the Notes space is by clicking Notes in the bottom navigation bar of the PowerPoint. You can find more detailed description of this process on Add speaker notes to your slides website.

An effective presentation has several components:

• it is simple in design (too many colors, images, transitions, animations, and special effects distract your audience from your message)

• it is not text-heavy (the powerpoint presentation is there to assist you, not to replace you. If your audience are reading what is on your slide, they are not listening to you)

• it uses large enough fonts and text-to-background color contrast that your audience can read the text from a distance

• it uses good quality images that convey the meaning (avoid using too many and too small images).



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