Communist Manifesto history

For this research paper, you need to use The Communist Manifesto: With Related Documents by Marx and Engels, edited by John Toews. Please make sure you read the entire book and come to a clear understanding of what Marx and Engels were arguing about the state of society in the modern world. Most people have a very basic and uncertain understanding of what Marx and Engels were all about. First and foremost, they were critics of modern capitalism. They saw the flaws of capitalist society and sought to come up with patterns to rectify what they knew was an unfair and unequal system. 
As you read their critique of capitalism, please focus on their definition of bourgeoisie and proletarians, their views on the world in which they lived and the problems faced by that world, what they saw as the inevitable problems with capitalism, and how they viewed communists as compared to socialists and other critics of capitalism. 
For your research paper, come up with a clear main argument (thesis) related to Marx and Engels and their critique of modern society. Your argument can be anything you want, as long as it's backed up with specific quotes and sources from the text itself (Marx and Engels' own words). 
Please include: a main thesis (argument) related to their critique of capitalism
Their definitions of bourgeoisie and proletariat and their views on the role and purpose of each group in modern society
What they thought would happen as a result of these class divisions
Any criticisms you may have of their views or any support you may feel for their arguments
Why the book would be so appealing and have such a massive global impact
Your work must be about 6 pages (12 font, double spaced, Times New Roman font). Please submit your work by the last day of class. Make sure you are reading this book throughout the course and contact me with any questions you may have. 


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