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Emerging Threats & Countermeasures

Question - 1 (250 words) : An organization will be testing a beta upgrade version of its employee's fingerprint matching system. Because it's difficult to mimic human fingerprints the company used real biometric images, data, and templates to test the beta upgrade. The previous and current versions both contain meta data, and demographic data with each fingerprint that includes the owner's name, age, sex, race, and date of birth. After a successful upgrade consider the following:

  1. What data types stored by the system should be considered as PII
  2. Review the to determine the impact level. What factors did you include to determine the impact level?
  3. What privacy safeguards should be considered to protect the PII in the upgrade test.
  4. Is a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) required to complete the upgrade?
  5. What should be done with the test data after the upgrade?

Question - 2 (3pages): Personally identifiabl


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CIS/586 Week 1

Review Figure 2.1 in Introduction to Information Systems for an example of a flowchart. Scenario: Mary Smith, a former student at the local college, has been expanding her online business, Mary's MediBracelets, in the local college's incubator. Mary has determined that her product, a specialized medical ID bracelet, is nearly ready to be sold and she needs someone to set up her initial website and business systems. Mary wants to include a charitable component to her business and is considering using a sales model in which her business will provide one free bracelet to a low-income senior citizen for every bracelet purchased. Mary has hired your small business, IT Business Services Consultants, to develop her website and business systems. Write a 2- to 3-page report for the client including the following: A description of the relationship between business processes and information systems A flowchart for handling an online order Areas for Information Systems (IS) use and security concer

CIS/586 Week 3

Since Mary has little experience with IT systems, IT Business Services Consultants needs to bring her up to speed by describing the potential benefits of using Transaction Processing Systems (TPS), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), functional area information systems, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) in support of Mary's MediBracelets. Write a 2- to 3-page report addressing these three popular business systems and how each could benefit Mary's business.

CIS/586 Week 4

As we enter the age of big data, it is appropriate to discuss the capabilities and potential benefits of using Business Intelligence (BI) in support of Mary's MediBracelets. Consider the overall use of information systems, including BI applications in support of decision-making and marketing. Write 2- to 3-page report about this technology, specifying how business intelligence can use data collected from business applications to improve an organization's competitiveness.

Security in System Design

What are some of the advantages of incorporating security measures into the design and implementation of information systems? What obstacles might be encountered?

Supporting Activity

Sustainability in IT is a common topic that has its root in efficiency in systems operation. Discuss some technical and nontechnical ways to reduce the cost and environment impact of system operations

Supporting Activity: Model-Driven Software Development

In your own words, describe model-driven software and test-driven development.

Compare these to other software and development approaches.

Security in System Design

What are some of the advantages of incorporating security measures into the design and implementation of information systems? What obstacles might be encountered?

CS116 Week 8 Assignment – 79218

CS116 Week 8 Assignment in Visual Studio Programming