Case Assessment: Ethics and Airbus Part II

Organize your paper in paragraph/essay format using the headers below. No limit on number of sources, however, quotes should be kept to a minimum and all sources must be cited in APA style. Only 2-3 direct quotes are allowed. Direct quotes cannot be longer than one sentence or more than two lines. Please indicate sources in APA style when paraphrasing. 


Length: 3 pages of written text (not include references page). Please put the references on a separate page.


Format: Times New Roman point 12 font, single-spacing, point zero (see the paragraph line spacing tool at the top of your MS Word document) with a single blank space between paragraphs and one-inch margins. Center the title of the assignment at the top of the page.


Title of Assignment: Case Assessment: Ethics and Airbus Part II (centered at top of the paper).


1) Summary of Airbus and Boeing

Conduct research and then provide an overview of both companies. What is the current status of each company? What is their current market share? What is the net worth of each company? Since the date of the case, have the companies changed in any way?


2) Comparison of Assessment in Part I

Conduct research on the problems presented in the case. How was each situation ultimately resolved? (Use subheads to distinguish the outcome of each situation; for example by airline and country). Have new regulations changed the behavior of how these companies operate in terms of ethical standards? Have government and international regulations changed their behavior in any way? Have any new regulations been put in place?


3) Marketing Strategy

Research the marketing strategy of each company and provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each company’s approach (use the 4 P’s to organize your information). Provide an overview of each company’s Promotion Mix. and include examples of each company’s promotional technique). Organize the information in this part using appropriate subheads (The 4 P’s: Product, Price, Promotion, Place and the Promotion Mix: Advertising, Sales Promotions, Trade Shows, Personal Selling, Direct Selling and Public Relations).


4) Conclusion and Recommendations

Compare your conclusion and recommendations in Part I. Has your opinion about either company changed in any way? What marketing recommendations would you make for each company moving forward?


5) Reflection

What have you learned from this case? How will it influence your future role as a marketing business manager?


6) References/Works Cited

This should be a separate page.


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