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Homework “II” consists of the “End of Chapter Exercises” for Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10

Homework “II” is Due typed and in class by Thursday, December 6th 

Please Read the Directions for all assigned “End of Chapter Exercises” in the Textbook first.

Chapter 7—Read all of the facts A through D. Then answer questions #1-5. You will need to have a paragraph consisting of 5 sentences each for each question. (This will give you a total of five paragraphs.) 

 Chapter 8–In this exercise, you will read the two informational paragraphs. Then, you need to have a minimum of two paragraphs (consisting of at least 5 sentences each) explaining what your viewpoint is on the “workplace employment perspective” that was discussed in the informational paragraphs.

 Chapter 9—This is the trickiest assignment in the book. You need to read both cases and answer the questions below each case. The correct answers to these questions are not your opinion. There are right and wrong answers according to religious accommodation legislation. Be sure to use the book. Make sure you think about everything in the cases. Think about what is possible for you to “know” and “not know” at any given point in time. There will be a lecture slide that will be helpful to you in completing this assignment. Make sure you do not answer the questions with one word answers (Please use complete sentences). You need to explain your answers thoroughly. Each case has two questions that need to be addressed. If you fail to answer both questions for each case you will lose points.

Chapter 10—In this exercise, you will need to complete all 3 parts (parts A, B & C). For part A, follow the directions in the book to find the disability(s) of the famous people listed. For part B, answer question #1 for each of the five people listed in part A (using complete sentences for your answers), then answer question #2 (this will be only one answer). For part C, read the scenario and then answer the following four questions. The answers you are looking for to complete part C are not just your personal opinion. You need to keep in mind the legislation that covers the disabled that is discussed in the textbook. Please use complete sentences when completing part C.

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