Assignment Primary Source #2

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Assignment Primary Source #2


Donald McQuade an English literature professor writes several books like as advertising and American literature. He was the part of national writing project team from the year 2008 to the year 2012. He did his Ph.D. from Rutgers University related to English literature. He was interested in literature that’s why to write American literature and officially publish it in 1998. In case of “narratives witchcraft cases,” George Lincoln is the creator and he also did Ph.D. in English. Both creators write about American history, historical revolution, and major issues present in American history. Both these sources are related to America and produced in 1998 and 1914 respectively.

The English literature professors mostly write about literature and histories. That’s why both these creators write about American Revolution, history, and problems to aware people. In case of Witchcraft narrative cases, the writer supposed witchcraft cases and touch these cases from New England.

In this writing, the audience is students, professors, teachers, and other learners. This writing is related to witchcraft cases and American historical revolution. The main purpose of this study is to create awareness in an audience that what problems actually Americans faces in history. In this witchcraft, case writer tries to explore 1962 Salem village case that contains entire country ministers. In this case, the Salem village minister joined all neighbors to celebrate the day of solemn. This case shows that all ministers joined for prayer but after prayer, they fight with each other on different issues.

This case main motive was to show that in the history of American problem was present related to religion and prayer among nation ministers.

The second case is about American African freedom petition and in this audience were American and African petitions. This case shows that American and African gets freedom in both America and Africa countries to move freely and gain equal rights. This case main motive was to explain that in American history revolution occurs with the passage of time. Both African and American break plenty of rules for freedom but at the end get the petition for the freedom to move without restrictions in the country.

These cases and writings are about Americans history and revolution of Americans. It is essential for students, researchers, and practitioners to know about American history and cases to get information related to different cases.

The topic witch case narration is significant in sense to explain about religious and general issues present in American history among different ministers and general public but on the other hand, also shows that entire individuals combine on a solemn day for prayer.

The second case is related to American African freedom petition that is also significant to explore that both African and American face several issues in history but by revolution gets rights for equal behave and legal requirements.


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