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Undertake Project Work
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Assessment 1: Develop, Plan and Review a Project
Option 1: Your task is to develop and plan for a work related project of your choice.

Your trainer will discuss some possible options with you to help you with your choice.

Option 2: You may model your assessment on a project which is currently taking place in your workplace.

The scale of your project needs to be medium to large so that all the complexities of project management can be covered within your assessment.

The requirements for both Option 1 and 2 are outlined below.


Part A: Define the Project

Your first task is to give a description of the project and what you are hoping to achieve. For this you need to prepare an initial project report which covers the following areas.

1. An outline / description of the project.

2. A summary of the resources needed to complete the project (people, materials, etc).

3. Discuss the relationship your project has to other projects that may be taking place within the company.

4. Document issues related to project and project parameters from delegating authority.

5. Explain your role in the project, what your responsibilities are, who you to report to and how often.

Part B:    Develop the Project

In this section of the project report you will develop the project plan. The plan needs to align itself to the mission, goals, objectives and operations of the chosen organisation.

The following areas need to be researched and information provided.

Appendix 1: contains a range of templates which may help you with this task.

1. Define the various project stakeholders.

2. Develop a risk management plan which includes relevant legislation and codes of practice including the following,

–    Work health & Safety legislation

–    Privacy Laws

–    Relevant Codes of Practice

–    Environmental Issues (if applicable)

–    Ethical Principles

3. Develop a project budget.

4. Summarise the project management tools you plan to use and why.

5. Include an organisational structure which shows lines of authority and communication.

6. Develop an project structure which also shows lines of authority and communication

7. Identify team members and define their role and responsibilities.

8. Formulate an activity/task timeline for beginning to completion. Ensure key milestones are identified.

9. Establish a communication plan for those involved.

10. Gather feedback from team members and incorporate any relevant ideas / concepts

11. Submit your initial project report to your Project Manager (Trainer) for feedback, final approval sign off.

Part C:    Administering the Project

In Part C you will commence your project. Here you need to provide information and evidence (such as memos, emails, management tools etc), of how you are administering the project.

1. How are you providing support for your project team members?

2. What record keeping system have you developed to help monitor and manage the project? Explain how effective these have been. Provide relevant examples.

3. Undertake risk management to ensure project outcomes will be met.

Part D: Monitor the Project

1. At each project milestone identified in B7, provide the Project Sponsor (Trainer), and other relevant stakeholders, with a short report which outlines the current status of the project.


–    How you are ensuring the quality and timelines of the project are being met?

–    Is the project on track financially?

–    Are there areas of risk which could negatively impact on the project?

Part E:    Finalise the Project

Now that the project is complete it is time to finalise all relevant areas.

1.    Prepare a final costing for the project. Compare this to the original budget. If variances of > 5% exist from the original budget explain why these variances have occurred.

2.    Complete all project documentation. Submit the completed report to the Project Sponsor (Trainer), for comment and sign-off.

3.    Meet with your team to discuss their future roles and responsibilities.

Part F:    Review the Project

1.    Meet with your team to discuss and document the following.

–    Review the project outcome against the original scope / plan of the project.

–    Gather and review feedback from relevant stakeholders.

–    Discuss and document the ‘lessons learned’ from the project.

2.    Submit a short report to the Project Sponsor (trainer) which summarizes the above points.

Submit the following to the Project Sponsor (Trainer) for review.

· Initial project report for review and approval

–    supporting documentation to be included; templates, correspondence, plans, lists, examples, financials etc

· Milestone reports with supporting documentation

· Final report will all project documentation

· Project review report.


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