Aromatherapy for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting: A Complementary Therapy

Develop a concise clinical question that will serve as the focus of this course. It will be helpful to you if the question you develop pertains to the area of interest for your DNP Project. Consider developing your question in the PICOT format (see Melnyk, pg. 537)


P – in patients undergoing emetogenic surgeries

I – does aromatherapy 

C – compared to not administering aromatherapy, with or without traditional antiemetics

O – decrease the incidence of postoperative nausea and vomiting

T – in the first 24 hours postoperatively


6. Conduct an EBP literature review of your clinical question (should include at least 10 RCTs)

7. Submit a formal EBP paper that includes the following section headings:

a. Introduction that includes the 

i. Basis of your interest in the topic. (5%)

ii. Concisely stated clinical question, no longer than one sentence, preferably in the PICOT format. (5%)

Note: Your section heading for this section should be the title of your paper, not the word “Introduction.”

b. Approach to EBP literature review

i. Sources of literature (e.g., databases searched) (5%)

ii. Search terms and quantity of results (e.g., MeSH terms, number of hits) (5%)

iii. How you graded the literature (e.g., ranking system used for the quality, quantity, and consistency, strength of recommendations, etc.). Refer to Biddle chapter 2. (5%)

c. Summary of Findings

i. This section will include a narrative synthesis of the findings from your literature review. (20%)

ii. Table 1 of your paper will be a summary of findings displayed in a table format.

d. Recommendation(s) for practice

i. What are your final recommendations for practice based on the evidence. This section should be very concise and include the strength of the recommendations you make. (10%)

e. References

f. Table 1. Summary of Findings (40%) – See table format later in this syllabus. The format is unique to this course. If you desire to change the format in any way, be sure to obtain permission from the course director.


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