All Summer in a Day

A monologue is a speech by one actor on stage. It is usually during a conversation and does not always have to be honest words. This is in opposition to a soliloquy which is a long speech by one actor as he/she stands alone on stage, and speaks a truth that the other characters might or might not know.

Please write a one to two paragraph monologue that addresses one of the following prompts:

1. A monologue by a character who walks in and says, “I have a secret I’ve been meaning to tell youвЂВ¦вЂќ
2. A monologue that takes place the day after a zombie apocalypse.
3. A monologue by a parent who addresses his/her child as he leaves home.

Part II (Page 2-5 should address below)

In this unit’s Argumentative Research Essay, you will transition your prewrite into a 4-5 page essay that defends your thesis using literary elements. Your essay should defend the following prompt:
Prompt: Many authors write about the theme, “If an individual does not follow the rules of society, there can be negative, sometimes violent, consequences.”

Hint to success: Use three literary elements to support your answer. For example, “Dick portrays this theme most effectively through his use of tone, conflict, and characterization.

Use at least two scholarly sources that will defend your thesis.

One of these sources must defend your counterargument.

Your essay will have the following components:

1. An Introduction:
2. A thesis at the end of the introduction that clearly states your position on which author most clearly portrays this theme.
3. Three supporting sections of the body that defend your thesis. Each section should incorporate both text support and research support. Each quote, paraphrase or new information requires an in text citation.
4. A paragraph for the counterargument: The counterargument would be the main argument for the opposite of your thesis
5. A concluding paragraph:


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