ADA: Assessment Brief

You are expected to produce a Professional Development Portfolio in which you must reflect your learning throughout your course and the module. In the Portfolio, you are required to write 5500 words addressing the two tasks noted below. In the Portfolio, you are encouraged to write about the topics under each task separately. (Learning outcomes A-I) (100%)



Task 1 – Learning Outcomes (A, B, C, D, E, H, I) 


• Explore the most critical contemporary issues and challenges in built environment development and management (5 points), and in light of those critical contemporary issues, propose a personal development plan, identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a construction project manager or surveyor (10 points). (15 points) 

• Explore the main elements of strategic management theory (2 points) and consider their relevance to the contemporary business practices in construction (3 points). (5 points) 

• Discuss the accounting practices in the construction industry. (5 points)

• Explore how to develop a proactive approach to the management of key organisational resources that are essential to attain organisational objectives (5 points). (5 points) 

• Identify the steps towards improving performance in construction projects in order to support employees work as effectively as possible in line with the needs of the organisation. (5 points) 

• Analyse the similarities (4 points) and differences (4 points) between ethics and compliance, and corporate social responsibility. (8 points) 

• List the main legal requirements for health and safety (3 points), briefly explain their content (3 points) and also explore in detail regulations under Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply) Regulations 2002 (3 points). (9 points)  

• Analyse how entrepreneurial behaviour is distinguishable from managerial behaviour (3 points), identify the nature of innovation (3 points) and examine its role in entrepreneurial activity (3 points). (9 points)  


Task 2 (Learning Outcome F, G) 


• Choose a professional body suitable for your field. Investigate the routes (pathways) to become a Chartered Construction Manager or a Chartered Surveyor. (5 points) 

• Identify in detail the competencies required by the chosen professional body in your field. (8 points) 

• Analyse the knowledge that you have already gained throughout your course (4 points) and map them and discuss them against the competencies expected from the chosen professional body (4 points). (8 points) 

• Explore the competencies you are still to gain to become a Chartered Construction Manager or Chartered Surveyor and demonstrate your action planning to gain those competencies within the next five years. (8 points) 

Clarity and professionalism of content, style, visuals and communication skills. Sources must be referenced in accordance with the University’s preferred choice of referencing system (APA 6th edition) (10 points).


Anonymous marking is not available for this module.

Work is available for tutor re-assessment.



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